Tovi Image Viewer for macOS

Tovi Image Viewer for Mac OS X!

10000+ users' choice

Tovi is the image viewer for Mac OS X, to replace Preview for viewing images. Tovi automatically discover other images to generate slideshows when you open image from Finder.



Play next/previous, move image
Scale image
Rotate Left/Right
Scale up/Scale down

Supported Image Types

GIF JPG PNG SVG TIFF, and more...

GIF Animation Play

GIF animation playing is supported, also, GIFs are scalable, rotatable and flipable.

Trackpad Gestures

Swipe to see prev/next image, pinch to zoom...

Easy Operation

Simple keyboard shortcuts: ← → ↑ ↓, for zoom, rotate, etc.

Auto Slideshows

When you open one image from Finder, Tovi will auto discover images in the same folder, then you can navigate through these image by arrow keys.

NOTICE: Because of Apple Sandbox restriction, users need to set permissions in Preferences.